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The famous sports brand VANS founded in 1966, Anaheim street in California in the United states. Start making CASUAL FOOTWEAR. Under its brand, the production of styles by the United States, Japan, Hongkong and other fashion young people love. The soles of the first pairs of VANS shoes are made of diamond lines. Since then, Paul has added a straight line to the soles of the VANS shoes to prevent the soles from slipping. The main use of a conservative softening process (vulcanized sole) gives the shoe a hard texture.

Vans has conquered more and more young people with her own unique charm, and in their minds, Vans is already more than just a pair of shoes and clothes, but a different attitude towards life. Because each shoes are out of the ordinary personality, advocate the vitality of youth, encouraging many people inside the blood surging, become a lot of people to have "love".